Nature provides the answers

Nature. As mammals, we’re a part of it and its incredible design.

Everything nature creates is simple and beautifully efficient. If it doesn’t work it dies…

When Icebreaker was founded in 1995 all outdoor performance clothing was made of synthetic fabrics from petrochemical plastics. So the goal of Icebreaker was simple - to work with nature to develop performance clothing for outdoor adventurers.

We knew that our fiber worked – because nature had created it to ensure that merino sheep could thrive through freezing winters and scorching summers.

Today, the Icebreaker fiber factory runs 24 hours a day on the back of a sheep. Naturally..

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Whereas most companies start with the fabric, we start with the fiber.


Source Natural,
Raw Material

Our natural, raw material is super fine merino wool. It is biodegradable, annually renewable, ethically sourced and 100% made from nature.



Contracting directly from the best wool-growers means we share their commitment to nurture and respect the land and animals. After banning the practice of mulesing among our contractors all of our wool is ethical too.


Only ever use
what we need

We start with the fiber and consciously transform the raw material into yarn, then fabric in a way that minimizes energy and water usage, and reduces environmental impact.


Always act

It really is all in the detail at Icebreaker. Which is why we go out of our way to make sure all of our sewing and finishing is undertaken in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Create for the
greater good

We only ever design products that serve a purpose. Whether it's keeping people warm or making them comfortable, we create products that people actually want and that are made to last.