Icebreaker’s full range of women’s layering accessories will keep your extremities hot, even in the coolest temperatures. The range includes gloves, hats and women’s scarves, all made from fine merino wool, a fabric formed in extreme temperatures in New Zealand and proven to keep you warm. Icebreaker’s merino wool is moisture wicking, meaning you won’t feel clammy, and also odour resistant, to prevent any unpleasantness when putting them on. Our accessories keep out the cold; our hats come in a range of beanies, pocket hats and even headbands for sunnier days, and our gloves and glove liners can be fingerless, fully covering and even in a mitten style for any weather. Once you’ve got the accessories sorted, take a look at Icebreaker’s, and mid-layers, for the best protection against the cold. For extreme weather, a jacket will be the best form of defence. See the full range of Icebreaker’s women’s accessories above.